Press Kits for Unsigned Bands & Artists

We have printed CDs for 100’s of unsigned bands and artists and we are always looking for ways to aid you in your ultimate goal of getting signed.
We are experts in CD printing, duplication & packaging but we can also help guide you in getting noticed. Press Kits are a must but the content of your press kit has to be spot on.
Here are our tips for putting together your Press Kit.

Whether you are sending your press kit to a journalist, radio station or promoter, yours won’t be the only one, so you need to stand out. Firstly before you send it in, find out the contact name of who you are sending the press kit to and personalise your letter.
Compliment the magazine/radio station/venue but don’t over do it.

Include a Biography of the band and its members and don’t forget to mention significant gigs, good reviews that you may have had. If you have any press cuttings include them and make sure your contact details are on the letter.

Create a stand-out design for your CD. We have printed so many promo CDs with just a bit of text and they look poor. Include your contact details within the artwork as CDs and
letters do get separated. Always put your best song in at track 1 and only have another 2 tracks max. Aim to create a 2 page Inlay with a creative design on the 1st page and a Bio and contact details on the 2nd page.  We can help with setting of your artwork.

Provide links to your website/Facebook/Twitter/MySpace etc…

Include photographs but splash out and have a professional photographer take them. They will look so much better than your mate’s dodgy iphone images.

And finally, check and double check everything from spelling to making sure the CD has the correct tracks on.

HN Print.