DVD Duplication or Replication - that is the question!
Actually, it's a simple answer. If you require less than 1,000 DVDs and an extremely quick turnaround (we're talking days as opposed to weeks) then Duplication
is what you require. If you need more than 1,000 DVDs and you can work with a 2 week lead-time then hit the Replication button below.

For those of you that want to know the difference between DVD Duplication and DVD Replication...here goes.
Replication - Your Master DVD is used to make a Glass Master, which in turn allows for a metal Stamper to be produced. The Stamper is now placed into an
injection-moulding machine and and each mould is stamped (pressed) from it. Add a layer of reflective aluminium and lacquer and voila, you have a DVD-ROM.
This process usually takes, from artwork approval to delivery, approximately 2 weeks.
Duplication - Your Master DVD is placed into a Duplication Tower. Blank DVDs are loaded, then 'burned', much the same way as your drive in your computer. The
difference being we can duplicate somewhere in the region of 150 discs in one go. Ideal for fast turnarounds.


DVD Duplication
Quantities less than 1,000 and or for fast turnaround...

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Superb full colour, high resolution printing or
choose black-only thermal printing...

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DVD Replication
Quantities of more than 1,000...

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Glass Mastered DVD-ROMs printed and
replicated in the UK...

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CD Duplication & Replication
CD printing in full colour, thermal and CD-ROMs...

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We offer a complete CD Printing, Duplication
and Replication service...

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Booklets & Inlays
CD and DVD printed Booklets & Inlays...

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Printed Booklets & Inlays for CD Jewel Cases and
DVD Cases plus Templates in .psd eps & pdf...

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Standard & Printed Packaging
Jewel Cases, Wallets...

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Jewel Cases, Wallets etc..printed Digipacks,
Wallets + information on our Overwrapping Service

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Digital Printing
Calendars, Presentations, Letterheads...

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Short-run Digital Printing from Folders, Letterheads
Presentations, Calendars...

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Unsigned Artists
See what we can do for you...

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We have some great printed package deals for
Unsigned Bands & Solo Artists...

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other printing services...

T-shirts, Hoodies, Jackets...

Secure Print Services available...

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